The winery


The family gift for viticulture has been handed down since the 1930s from Pietro Costa, native of Cossano Belbo, sharecropper at the enological school in Alba.

In 1981 his son Adriano and his grandson Ermanno founded the “Ermanno Costa – Cascina Spagnolo”. The farm is still today a family business, in order to best protect the craftmanship of the product. With this purpose the old clones were selected and reproduced for the new grafts, obtaining seven different products with a strong personality from the single vineyard parcels. The family stands out for not labelling wines in the years in which unfavourable climatic conditions did not permit to reach the desired characteristics for an excellent wine quality.
History in a bottle


Winemaking of white wines is exclusively made in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature;
Red wines are produced according to the ancient tradition, using for the aging
500-litres tonneaux and 2000-litres barrels, exclusively made in french oak.
Winemaking is therefore very simple. We try not to interfere with the natural times of wine, in order to ensure the best of natural features in the final product.

The Land

“Ermanno Costa – Cascina Spagnolo” is in the Roero area. The farm in in the centre of an amphitheatre of vineyards facing south, on the same hill were the Church of San Defendente was built, a hill historically devoted to viticulture. The six hectars contain 5 vine varieties: Arenis, Barbera, Nebbiolo, Chardonnay and Brachetto. We are convinced that the quality of the wine has its origin in the vine and not in the cellar, therefore the manual and mechanized processes are made personally with the best of attention and professionality.